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Metal Review: Vader: Tibi et Igni (2014)

Vader: Tibi Et Igni

Olsztyn, Poland’s death metal legion Vader are still at it 30+ years since their inception and still as heavy as ever. Consistency is what the band is all about and they have been that way since their debut in 1992, which was as heavy as their 2011 release, “Welcome to the Morbid Reich.” “Tibi et

Metal Review – Vader – Welcome to the Morbid Reich (2011)

Long-standing, genre mainstays, Polish death metal legends Vader are back, and some would say stronger than ever. Vader has endured throughout the years in the highly competitive death metal genre of metal and has gained a great amount of exposure over the years. They are a treat to see live and I would love to

Vader – Album Trailer for Welcome to the Morbid Reich

Polish death metal band Vader have posted a trailer for their new upcoming album Welcome to the Morbid Reich. Please upgrade your browser