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Metal Review: Principality of Hell: Fire & Brimstone (2014)

Principality of Hell: Fire Brimstone

To make a long story short, Greece’s Principality of Hell is Motorhead with a black metal feel to them singing of satanism and witchcraft mixed with a touch of Venom. How sweet does that sound? From The Magus’ growl of “Black Fucking Metal,” which opens the album to the final sounds of the cover of

Metal Review: Tortorum: Katabasis (2014)

Tortorum Katabasis

Slated for a March 8, 2014 release date through W.T.C. Productions, Norway’s black metal outfit Tortorum will be back with their sophomore release, “Katabasis.” Tortorum arranged a very nice debut effort, “Extinctionist,” in 2012, so their follow-up with be highly anticipated and scrutinized by black metal fans. “Katabasis” will wash any worries away after listening

Metal Review: Paria: Surrealist Satanist (2013)

Germany’s black metal outfit Paria latest effort “Surrealist Satanist,” is an album that I can get behind. The band, who’s history has been shrouded in secracy, goes all the way back to 1995 although their debut full-length did not get released until 2008. Since 2008, they have had another full length release with “Unchain the