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VHS Thursday: Tales From the Crypt, Phantasm, & Better Off Dead

Before John Kassir was a talking corpse that told chilling stories with that annoying voice came along, there was this fantastic British anthology about five strangers that come together in a crypt where the crypt keeper tells them how they will die. The stories derive from numerous horror comics. A young and very attractive Joan

VHS Thursday: Special 555 Edition

VHS Thursday is back with Rebekah Herzberg showing you the way through a VHS wonderland. This time around, I made a special 555 edition. Five VHS films beginning with the obscure and hard to find 555! Enjoy. Known as one of the most difficult VHS films to get your hands on and I use to

VHS Review: The Grim Reaper aka Anthropophagus the Beast

This is another one of those films, like all of Rob Zombie’s films, that results with me desperately desiring a shower because I feel so dirty. Initially released in the UK in 1980, uncut by VFP but ultimately became a part of the infamous DPP (Department of Public Prosecutions) list. We call it the infamous

VHS Review: Necropolis

Quite possibly one of the worst horror films I’ve ever seen – Necropolis doesn’t just take the grilled cheese sandwich, it takes the entire deli. For several viewers it tends to be pretty forgettable, that is if you could actually get your hands on a copy of the flick. For me, it was pretty unforgettable

VHS Review: The Pit

There are so many films out there that are considered “soooo bad it’s good.” Most of the time I just think they’re bad but The Pit happens to be one of the few I would consider the best of both worlds. This is low budget, B-Movie heaven. The premise is one of my favorites to

VHS Red Band Trailer

Get ready for the horror anthology film VHS, a collection of five vignettes from such indie moviemakers as Ti West (The House of the Devil, The Innkeepers), David Bruckner (The Signal), Glenn McQuaid (I Sell the Dead), Adam Wingard (A Horrible Way to Die), and Simon Barrett (You’re Next). VHS will have a small opening