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VHS Review: Chester Norvell Turner’s Mind Blowing Entertainment

There’s something very wrong with ‘director’ Chester Norvell Turner. Hard core horror fans are likely the only disturbed individuals who have heard of his two flicks, Black Devil Doll From Hell and Tales From the Quadead Zone. Chester was either completely insane or under the influence of bath salts. My brain is crippled after attempting

VHS Review: Death Spa aka Witch Bitch

An unseen evil force takes over an impressive spa, fully equipped with an exemplary gymnasium, dance lessons, a bar, swimming pool, leg warmers, sweat bands, top of the line computer system running the place, and sprinklers shooting chlorine vapor. You know, the essentials. The film is off to a promising start with the “Witch Bitch”

VHS Review: Night of the Demons 2

Angela is back and ready to party with her sister, Mouse, and class mates. Only this time, Angela is not limited to Hull House thanks to Linnea Quigley’s infamous lipstick. The group is able to leave the Hull House Halloween party but Angela tags along back to the school in the lipstick capsule and unleashes

The Evil Dead: Better on VHS

Shoestring budget following your typical five young attractive adults staying in a remote cabin in the woods when they find the book of Necronomicon: The Book of the Dead and unleash invisible evil spirits that possess the group one by one.  Lets be honest here, the reason why Evil Dead looks better on VHS than

VHS Review: Class of 1984

Andy Norris has been transferred to a troubled school in a bigger city as a band teacher. To Andy’s surprise; the students are selling drugs on the property, carrying weapons, and getting away with everything! The other teachers and principles just turn their heads because they feel there is never enough evidence to put a

VHS Review: My Boyfriend’s Back

“I heard someone my age is supposed to be comfortable with the way their body changes, but given the circumstances, this was too much. “ Ah, I love the smell of nostalgic video tapes. If my memory serves correctly, I have reviewed this film before but never published. Today is the perfect day to go over

VHS Thursday: Hooker Special

Are you looking for a good time? You’ve made the right decision by selecting Frankenhooker. If it were up to me, more gay men would direct comedy-horror films. We need more Frank Henenlotters in the world. The man is a genius. No this is not a copy of my exact cover. Mine is the basic.

VHS Review: Wrongfully Banned in the UK

My obsession with completing the Video Nasty list sometimes leads me in the wrong direction when all I want is to watch a decent exploitation flick. To my surprise, there are films that have no business being on the list. This rare 1975 horror film landed a spot on the video nasty list for reasons

VHS Thursday Christmas Special

Straight from Britain, this Christmas slasher is much like every American slasher only it’s much worse. A masked maniac is knocking off every Santa Claus he comes across while Scotland Yard detectives try to crack the case. Two random individuals are also hot on the case.  Two more random individuals are on the case after

VHS Review: Heathers

“Whether to kill yourself or not is one of the most important decisions a teenager can make.” Heathers fell short of box office success at its time but it has a cult following and remains one of the best teenage films of all time in my book. It has been compared to films like Mean