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Paramount Pictures Delays Friday the 13th Until 2017

Friday the 13th

The new entry in the Friday the 13th franchise was shifted back to January 13, 2017 from its previous release date of May 13, 2016. The latest installment will be directed by V/H/S’s David Bruckner.

Friday the 13th Reboot Moves to 2016

Friday the 13th

Paramount Pictures has once again delayed the release of “Friday the 13th” moving it out of the planned November slot and moving it to May 13, 2016. The reboot will be helmed by “The Signal” and “V/H/S” director David Bruckner.

VHS Review: Poor White Trash 2

  Newlyweds Helen and Paul’s vacation is cut short when Helen discovers her new husband’s dead body after a failed attempt to retrieve cigarettes from their vehicle. This skyrockets Helen to Planet Redneck where she stumbles upon a backwoods family that further ignites Helen’s traumatic journey through the Bayou’s core. Sometimes, not often, but sometimes I


  When the bone-weary subject matter, “Found footage films,” is addressed… One typically recalls The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity. Devoted horror fanatics generally recommend the notorious Video Nasty Cannibal Holocaust. As for me, Cannibal Holocaust is the best example and birth mother to this lousy sub-genre that I have never been a huge

VHS Review: Girls Nite Out

A scavenger hunt gets deadly when someone dressed in the school’s mascot uniform is slashing their way through the participants.  It’s hard to remember the last time a slasher flick featured a killer in a bear costume. Five points for originality. Zero points for pacing and dialogue. The film takes too many leaps and turns

VHS Review: The Gates of Hell aka City of the Living Dead

The massive Paragon VHS box that was continually beckoning me as a child. Now I have it! When it comes to zombies, I strongly believe Lucio Fulci is the master. That being said, City of the Living Dead is no ordinary zombie film mainstream lame-os are use to. For instance, Italian films are forgiven for

VHS Review: The Beast

Wizard Video is a label widely known for their lurid cover art and big boxes. Initially, The Beast was released in a standard slip case with bland cover art. As soon as Wizard Video switched to the big box format, video renters went ape shit and drooled all over the colorful boxes. If you rented

Your Friendly VHS Vixen Brings You a Batch of Killer Machines

It’s amazing how many people out there think Maximum Overdrive is a horrible film and even Stephen King regrets directing it himself, based on his short story “Trucks.” I just don’t get it. Maximum Overdrive is pretty wicked. Trucks, cars, helicopters, toasters, lawn mowers, steam trucks, and every other machinery and appliance known to man

VHS Review: Fun House

Tobe Hooper’s audacious carnival splatter involving two young couples that decide to have a slumber party in a fun house overnight. After witnessing the murder of a psychic prostitute, they’re on the run for their lives but find themselves trapped inside the fun house with no way out. For a short time, Fun House was

VHS Review: Dance or Die

“Jason Chandler wants just two things in life: To stay off drugs and to choreograph a dance show that rivals Flashdance.” Most of the time, I find myself enjoying these rotten gems on VHS. The ‘It’s so bad it’s good” sub-genre generally pleases me. This time around, I found myself disappointed. That’s disappointed with a