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Metal Review: Drudkh: Eastern Frontier in Flames (2014)

Drudkh Eastern Frontier in Flames

Hailing from Kharkiv, Ukraine, black metal band Drudkh’s latest release, “Eastern Frontier in Flames,” is a compilation album covering some of the band’s rare tracks and covers from their back catalog. The long out-of-print EPs and split releases that fans have been clamoring for are finally represented with this release. 2007’s “Anti-Urban” EP encompass the

Metal Review: Drudkh: Eternal Turn of the Wheel

Ukraine black metal band, Drudkh, is at it again. With their latest release, Eternal Turn of the Wheel, they went back to their roots bypassing the previous direction that they had taken with their last two releases. Gone are the progressive elements of their more recent releases and back are the deep, dark melodies that

Metal Review – Astrofaes – Dying Emotions Domain (2011)

This review is for the Negative Existence reissue of the black metal release of Dying Emotions Domain by Ukraine black metal band Astrofaes, and while Astrofaes is classified as a black metal band, their musical style eclipse the singular classification of simply black metal. They almost have a progressive feel to their music in addition