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UFC: Ultimate Submissions Blu-ray Review

UFC Ultimate Submissions highlights my favorite aspect of MMA fighting. I am a fan of the grappling within the sport. To me, submissions are the great equalizer. It is like a chess match for these fighters. Some of my favorite fights have been the fights where someone seems down and out barely defending themselves and

UFC Ultimate Knockouts 8 ( mini review)

This blu ray has a lot of pluses and a few minuses. Let’s do this a little different and talk about the negatives first. The lack of special features. No weigh in’s or sharing thoughts on certain fights from the ones involved. Now it does have a bonus feature, it is a 7 minute clip

UFC-Best of 2010 dvd review (3-29-11)

As a lot of people know, I am a major UFC fan. When it comes to PPV time, we have a Hooters up the road, and I am usually up there to get a good seat and some hot wings and a pitcher. Whereas wrestling and boxing, have faced such lows, UFC has reached unreal