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Top 10 Judas Priest Songs – Mike’s Picks

James D. and I have been doing this monthly top ten lists where we alternate picking bands and list our renditions of that band’s top ten list of songs. Last month was a killer trying to pin down my top ten KISS songs. As if that was not hard enough, I decided to make it

2011 Metal Retrospective: Top Metal Albums of 2011

I tried to do a top 10 of 2011 metal albums, but quickly realized that there were far too many good releases for the year. Instead, I am doing a top 20 (or so) metal albums of 2011. Let me know your thoughts and your lists. 10. Moțrhead РThe World is Yours Oh. Motorhead,

Bodycount Mike’s Top 10 Horror Movies Released in 1982

Here is a guest blog post from a friend of ours – Mike from the Body Count Blog (http://bodycountblog.blogspot.com/). He is also part of the Body Count Podcast (http://bodycountpodcast.podomatic.com/). In short, Mike pretty much kicks ass. Here is his blog post. I will add my two cents in at the end. 1982 was a great

Top Ten List – Thomas’ Top Ten Zombie Movie List

Here we are with another top ten list from a guest contributor. I love seeing these lists. I always wanted to do a community-type blog, and we are getting there. For this installment, we have Thomas’ Top Ten Zombie movie list. I know that there are some differences from my Top Ten Zombie movie list,

Top Ten List – Doc Rotten’s The Top 10 Upcoming Horror Films of 2011

We have our friend, Doc Rotten (http://docrotten.com/) back for another guest post. Let’s see what he has to say about his horror film list for 2011. I will follow up with some comments after the post. With 2011 starting off very slow and quiet (with a few stinkers thus far as well), finding good genre

Top Ten List from James DePaolo

Here we are again. Here is another guest top ten movie list from none other than our friend James DePaolo from Cinema Head Cheese. To sum James up, he is pretty much awesome, takes his horror seriously and keeps it real. After the list, I will post my thoughts on the list. Let’s see what

Top Ten List – Zombie Movies

We have had a bunch of really good guest posts lately. It is time that I put another top ten list together. For this one, I am tackling my top ten zombie movies. I will put this out there right now. This was one hard list to compile. I thought that it would be a

Top Ten – Motown TNT’s List

I am very excited to have a list from our buddy Motown TNT. This guy is simply awesome and always has great insight into the horror genre. Let’s see what his picks are and I will discuss a few things at the bottom. Asking for a top 10 list of horror films is like asking

BodyCount Mike’s Top Ten List

Here is another top ten list for you all. This is is from our friend BodyCount Mike from the Body Count Blog and Podcast. Check out both of those at http://bodycountblog.blogspot.com/. I know it’s fun to do “Top 10 ___________ Movies” lists, but for my Top 10, I thought I’d do something a little more

Top Ten List – Richard’s Horror Top Ten List

We have another top ten list to talk about, and it is another good one. Thanks to our friend Richard for this one. He talks about his top ten horror anything. Great topic. To introduce myself I am Richard and I started really getting into horror about 15 years ago. My list is what I