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The Walking Dead: Episode 4.12: Still Review

The Walking Dead Episode 4.12 Still Review.

“The Walking Dead” is seemingly using the second half of its fourth season to deliver introspective character studies. In many ways, these episodes are some of the better episodes of the series. If you look at the latest episode, “Still” (Episode 4.12), this should have been one of the best episodes of the season because

The Walking Dead: Episode 4.09: After Review

The Walking Dead Episode 4.09 After

After the end of the first half of the fourth season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” I would have expected the series to come back with a big boom in a high-action return to the series, but as evidenced by Episode 4.09, “After,” we see that the series is content with making more episodes focusing

Start the New Year With The Walking Dead Marathon

The Walking Dead Marathon

Beginning on New Year’s Eve (Tuesday, December 31, 2013) AMC’s marathon of “The Walking Dead” will start at 9am ET/PT and will run all the way until 5am ET/PT on Thursday, January 2, 2014. This gives you the chance to relive those memories, or check out what all of the fuss is about (in case

The Walking Dead Gets Midseason Return Date and Promo Clip

The Walking Dead

“The Walking Dead’s” mid-season finale just aired last night and we are ready for the remainder of season four already. We still do have to wait until February for the second half of season 4. In specific, AMC has tagged February 9, 2014 as the date of return.

The Walking Dead: Episode 4.08: Too Far Gone (Mid-Season Finale) Review

The Walking Dead

FULL SPOILERS AHEAD!!! The mid-season finale of AMC’s hit series “The Walking Dead” entitled “Too Far Gone” has come and gone and we are left with a lot on our minds. First and foremost, we now have to wait until February for the end to season four. After the foreshadowing of major losses, we did

The Walking Dead: Episode 4.07: Dead Weight Review

The Walking Dead Episode 4.07 Dead Weight Review

FULL SPOILERS AHEAD! As expected, The Governor’s attempt at a more virtuous life did not last very long – one episode actually. My main takeaway from “The Walking Dead” Episode 4.07 “Dead Weight” is that The Governor has the ability to be a stable human being when he is all alone with his stand-in family,

The Walking Dead: Episode 4.06: Live Bait Review

The Walking Dead Episode 4.06 Live Bait

The Governor is back as we say at the end of the last episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” We knew that he would return at some point because of his overwhelming popularity during his first round on the show. My feeling was that his return was a little too soon, but since the time

The Walking Dead: Episode 4.05: Internment Review

The Walking Dead: Episode 4.05: Internment Review

Episode Title: Internment Writer: Channing Powell Director: David Boyd SPOILERS AHEAD! The latest episode of “The Walking Dead,” Episode 4.05: “Internment,” was, in many ways, Hershel’s (Scott Wilson) episode. With all of the assistance that Hershel gives to the flu sufferers, he saved the day in many ways. The ending scene where Hershel cannot even

Next on The Walking Dead: Images From Episode 4.06: Live Bait

The Walking Dead Live Bait

Next On AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Episode 4.06, Live Bait, “Group members struggle to find their humanity while being constantly threatened.” Check out the official promo as well as a sneak peak of the episode. Michael Uppendahl directs episode 6, airing Sunday, November 17, 2013, from a screenplay by Nichole Beattie. Please upgrade your browser

The Walking Dead: Episode 4.04: Indifference Review

The Walking Dead: Episode 4.04: Indifference Review

As “The Walking Dead’s” fourth season moves on, we are starting to see many key members begin to lose their grasp on sanity. From the opening segment of Episode 4.04, “Indifference,” we see Carol and Lizzie having quite an odd conversation. Lizzie has an alternate view on walkers and her comments begin to elude to