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Metal Review: Mayhem: Esoteric Warfare (2014)

Mayhem Esoteric Warfare

Oslo, Norway’s black metal legion, Mayhem, epitomizes the chaos and infamy of the 90’s Norwegian black metal scene. Between the church burnings and other unbelievable, non-musical related shenanigans on that time, Mayhem was normally near each outburst. With the suicide of vocalist Dead in 1991 and the murder of guitarist Euronymous by former band member

Metal Review – NonFuckRitual – In Bondage to the Serpent (2011)

Here is one that I was looking forward to. NonFuckRitual features some serious talent in its lineup with members having been part of some big-time bands including Mayhem, Nuclear Assault, Tyrant et al. I was not really sure where their latest release, In Bondage to the Serpent, was going to go to be honest. With