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Music Review: John Garcia: John Garcia (2014)

John Garcia: John Garcia

Formerly of Kyuss/Hermano and current Vista Chino/Unida vocalist John Garcia believes in striking while the iron is hot. With his busy schedule, it is hard to believe that this stoner rock legend has time for a solo album, but that is just what he has done with his self-titled solo release. Make no mistake about

Metal Review: Pet the Preacher: The Cave & the Sunlight (2014)

Pet the Preacher The Cave & the Sunlight

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Pet the Preacher is ready to become a household name with their Napalm Records release of “The Cave & the Sunlight.” Think of early Kyuss mixed with the good COC (with Pepper Keenan) and you have the sound that Pet the Preacher brings forwards. It is a groove heavy stoner rock

Metal Review – End of Level Boss – Eklectric (2011)

Hailing from London, is End of Level Boss and their mix of stoner rock music. Introducing an entirely new rhythm section since their last release, the band’s flurry of angular, post-punk angst goes head-to-head with an almost progressive, technical attack on Eklectric. Reminiscent of bands like Kyuss and King Crimson, but not as good as

Metal Review – Astrosoniq – Quadrant (2009)

Astrosoniq (sometimes spelled A5tro5oniq) is a band from Oss, the Netherlands. They are also known as the “wizards of Oss.” Quadrant was actually released on 10.10.09, but I was just sent the album from their PR firm. Quadrant is Astrosoniq’s fifth full-length release. Line-up: Marcel van de Vondervoort – drums, production, mixing Ron van Herpen