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Best Mellow Metal Songs


Not all metal has to be 100 miles per hour and in your face. Some of my favorite mellow tracks come from metal bands. Sometimes you just need to sit in a darkened room and listen to some mellow tracks to sit and chill for a while and this list of mellow metal songs does

Metal Review: Poisonblack: Lyijy (2013)

Poisonblack: Lyijy

Poisonblack’s latest effort, “Lyijy” (translated to “Lead”), bears an errie similarity to Metallica’s “Black Album,” with a few more melodic hooks. But, the fact of the matter remains that hearing Ville Laihiala’s voice makes me miss Sentenced more and more. That is not to say that I am not a Poisonblack fan, because I love

Video Interview: PoisonBlack Tuska 2014

Poisonblack Lyijy

TJ from Skullbanger Media sits down with Ville and Tarmo of PoisonBlack and discuss the current tour and their recent album “Lyijy.” We speak about the break up of Sentenced and what fans can expect from Poisonblack show. Video interview originally posted at http://skullbanger.net/2014/06/27/video-interview-poisonblack-tuska-2014/ Please upgrade your browser

Metal Review – Ensiferum – Unsung Heroes (2012)

Ensiferum is an acquired taste and really not one of my favorite bands, so I was heading into this review figuring that I would hate their latest release, Unsung Heroes, which hits North American shores on September 18 through Spinefarm Records. Produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Sentenced, Apocalyptica), the album features artwork by Kristian Wahlin

Metal Review – Ommatidia – In This Life, or the Next (2011)

From the ashes of The Old Dead Tree comes Ommatidia, who bring a sound very similar to The Old Dead Tree. Ommatidia has a sound similar to a lot of gothic metal bands that I really enjoy, namely Paradise Lost, Katatonis and My Dying Bride. The problem with what Ommatidia’s In This Life, or the