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Metal Review: Diemonds – Never Wanna Die (2015)

Diemonds - Never Wanna Die

Toronto, Canada hard rock band Diemonds have release their sophomore effort, Never Wanna Die, an album that metal fans should be all over. The band’s sound may not be unique, but their intent with their version of sleaze-style rock is to simply have fun. With ten tracks of fun-filled rock anthems, the band makes serious

Music Review: Slash: World on Fire (2014)

Slash: World on Fire

Former Guns ‘n Roses guitar hero and icon Slash is back with his third solo album, “World on Fire.” In his first solo effort, Slash employed various vocalists, but used Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy as his live vocalist. For his next two releases, including the previous “Apocalyptic Love,” Kennedy has been the solo vocalist along

Music Review: Pearl Jam: Lightning Bolt (2013)

Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt

The anomaly that is Pearl Jam continues to roll on with the release of “Lightning Bolt.” Somehow Pearl Jam became the forerunners of the grunge movement based on their look, their geographic location and their surroundings. “Ten” had many elements of the grunge sound, but was always firmly rooted in the classic rock sound. While

Danzig Announce First Dates of 25th Anniversary Tour

Danzig will be celebrating their 25th anniversary this year with a tour. The band has already announced the first leg of the tour which will feature Danzig plus Glenn Danzig and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein performing the music of the Misfits. The special guests on these U.S. dates are Corrosion of Conformity and The Agonist.

Metal Review: AC/DC – Live at River Plate (2012)

With 37 years under their belt and as a band who guilt their reputation on their high-energy live performances, you would be surprised to see that AC/DC’s Live at River Plate is only the band’s second live album. The first album was simply titled Live and contained many of the same tracks found on Live

Music Review: Serenity Broken – Commercial Suicide (2012)

I am really not sure what Serenity Broken’s release, Commercial Suicide, says about the music industry today. This Athens-based band should have been picked up back in 2010 when they started out instead of having self-financed this release. To think that someone would not have snatched them up right away just begs the question of

Metal Review: The Dogs Divine – Size of the Fight

Chicago, Illinois natives The Dogs Divine are back with their edgy type of hard rock, and for me, this is my first go-round with them. I have actually been sitting on this album for a few months now because I was not sure what to do with it. At first, I was iffy on even

Metal Review: Black Skies: On the Wings of Time (2011)

On the Wings of Time is an album full of energy from elements of punk, stoner metal, sludge, rock and a little bit of almost everything else. This self-released gem is an album that you should get your hands on as soon as you can. It is well put together and very engaging. I have

Metal Review – Brand New Sin – United State (2011)

Brand New Sin has a nice sound. They are one of those rock/metal bands that bring their blue collar approach to metal and just have a good time playing music. Most people would not expect me to be a fan of bands like this since I am a fan of a lot of black metal