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Horror Review: Evangeline (2013)

Evangeline (2013)

A naive university student, Evangeline, is brutalized by a gang of thrill seeking killers. Left to die in the forest, she is ‘saved’ by an ancient demon spirit. The spirit empowers Evangeline with a blood-lust for vengeance. Evangeline must make a choice, is she willing to sacrifice her own soul… Director: Karen Lam Writer: Karen

Grave Encounters 2 Gets DVD, Blu-ray Release Dates

Directed by Job Poliquin and written by the Vicious Brothers, GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2 is set for its Blu-ray/DVD combo pack release from Cinedigm and Tribeca Film on March 12, 2013. You should check this one out. I was a fan of it and found it to be a nice follow-up to the Two years ago,