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Bates Motel: Season 2, Episode 1 Gone But Not Forgotten Review

Bates Motel

Norma’s anxiety builds as the bypass is ahead of schedule. Norman obsesses on Miss Watson’s death and Bradley’s search for father’s killer leads to extremes. Director: Tucker Gates Writers: Carlton Cuse (developed for television by), Kerry Ehrin (developed for television by) Stars: Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot AMC’s “Bates Motel” debut season was astounding,

Metal Review: Behemoth: The Satanist (2014)

Behemoth The Satanist

Polish blackened death metal veterans Behemoth have had a microscope placed upon them since the release of their tenth studio album, “The Satanist.” It is no secret to anyone that the band’s charismatic leader, Adam “Nergal” Darski, was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010, which led to having to find a bone marrow match into an

Metal Review: Enthrallment: The Voice of Human Perversity (2014)

Enthrallment The Voice of Human Perversity

Bulgarian death metal powerhouse Enthrallment are back with their latest opus, “The Voice of Human Perversity.” Fans of the band know what they are getting into with each Enthrallment release. Their brand of death metal is no frills and no apologies. They run over the listener like a jackhammer with no remorse. As evidenced in

Concert Photos: Apocalytpica at Tampere-talo Concert Hall From March 11, 2014


Our friend TJ Fowler of Fowler Photography was kind enough to send over some of his great shots from Apocalyptica’s recent performance in Tampere, Finland from March 11, 2014. Show Details: Apocalytpica At: Tampere-talo Concert Hall Where: Tampere, Finland When: March 11, 2014 Official Website: http://www.apocalyptica.com/en/ TJ Fowler Skullbanger Media Fowler Photography Official Website Fowler

The Walking Dead: Episode 4.12: Still Review

The Walking Dead Episode 4.12 Still Review.

“The Walking Dead” is seemingly using the second half of its fourth season to deliver introspective character studies. In many ways, these episodes are some of the better episodes of the series. If you look at the latest episode, “Still” (Episode 4.12), this should have been one of the best episodes of the season because

Metal Review: Deicide: In the Minds of Evil (2013)

Deicide In the Minds of Evil

It has been nearly ten years since founding guitarists Eric and Brian Hoffman left the death metal legion known as Deicide. Since that time, mainstays Glen Benton and Steve Asheim have been pretty hit or miss with the quality of their output. There is no denying that 2006’s “The Stench of Redemption” was an important

Metal Review: Kataklysm: Waiting for the End to Come (2013)

Kataklysm Waiting for the End to Come

With over 20 years of history and ten records under their belts, Montreal, Quebec, Canada’s Kataklysm is one of the most respected bands in the death metal landscape. Their ruthless aggression is one of the major factors in their success in this metal genre overloaded with talented bands, but yet, Kataklysm still remains one of

Metal Review: Satan’s Host: Virgin Sails (2013)

Satan's Host Virgin Sails

Colorado metal band Satan’s Host is back with their 11th studio album, “Virgin Sails,” and you know that means that something satanic this way comes. Issued November 19, 2013 on Moribund Cult Records, “Virgin Sails” is the follow-up to “Celebration For the Love of Satan,” which contained re-recorded versions of songs spanning the band’s long

Metal Review: Outrage: Brutal Human Bastard (2013)

Austria’s death metal troupe Outrage has been around since 2000, but has not been a band to put out too much material in those 13 years. With 2013, comes Outrage’s latest full-length release, “Brutal Human Bastard,” and it is a good one. After the obligatory intro, we are treated to Cryptic Time’s thrash metal opening

Metal Review: Nocturnal Fear / Seges Findere: Allied For the Upcoming Genocide Split EP (2013)

Nocturnal Fear Seges Findere Allied For the Upcoming Genocide

U.S. thrash metal juggernauts Nocturnal Fear have teamed up with Brazilian war metal outfit Seges Findere for “Allied For the Upcoming Genocide,” the latest split EP from these bands. “Allied For the Upcoming Genocide” opens with complete and utter ruthless aggression from Nocturnal Fear beginning with Blood on the Battlefield leading straight into Infernal Nuclear