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Music Review: Unantastbar – Gegen die Stille

Unantastbar CD Review: Gegen die Stille Label: SteamHammer/SPV Available Now What do you get when mix Germans, Punk Rock, good musicianship, catchy tunes and a music reviewer who has no idea what he is listening to?  A Cockpunch of awesome.  That’s what!  Or at least it sounds cool.  Read on for my review! I will

Wednesday 13: New Song is Streaming

Mr. Motherfucker, a re-recording from horror punk rock band Wednesday 13 is now available for streaming. The song originally appeared on Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13’s (a band which Wednesday 13 formed back in the mid-nineties) Night of the Living Drag Queens. The song is set to appear on Wednesday 13’s new EP, Spook