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Metal Review: Jupiter Zeus: On Earth (2014)

Jupiter Zeus On Earth

Perth, Australia-based metal outfit Jupiter Zeus. formerly known as Nebula, have released their full-length debut titled “On Earth.” For first-time listeners to the band, myself included, Jupiter Zeus has found a nice balance between psychedelic rock and ambient metal. Their method of songwriting is something missing in bands of this ilk. With the release of

Metal Review: Landskap: I (2014)

Landskap I

London, England’s Landskap is a band that has only been around for two years, but the members themselves are veterans to the genre hailing from bands such as Fen, Pantheist, Centurions Ghost and more. The band plays a style of doom metal/psychedelic rock that works very well on their debut effort, “I.” The album only

Metal Review – Astrosoniq – Quadrant (2009)

Astrosoniq (sometimes spelled A5tro5oniq) is a band from Oss, the Netherlands. They are also known as the “wizards of Oss.” Quadrant was actually released on 10.10.09, but I was just sent the album from their PR firm. Quadrant is Astrosoniq’s fifth full-length release. Line-up: Marcel van de Vondervoort – drums, production, mixing Ron van Herpen