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Metal Review: Solstafir: Otta (2014)

Solstafir: Otta

Icelandic post black metal outfit Sólstafir is back with their fifth full-length release in “Ótta.” While their are still slight remnants of their olden black metal days nearly 20 years ago, the band has shed their black metal skin and are still making high quality music under a different light. This light is still dark

Metal Review: Fen – Dustwalker (2013)

Atmospheric/post black metal band Fen is back with the follow up to 2011’s “Epoch” entitled “Dustwalker.” Fen takes their name from a mysterious part of the English countryside named The Fens, famous for it’s aura. For most metal fans, the term “post” throws a warning flag up and they are immediately terrified of what is

Metal Review: Sannhet – Known Flood (2013)

New York-based Sannhet is a post black metal act releasing their debut album, Known Flood, next month. Founded in late 2010, the instrumental trio known as Sannhet has amassed a diehard audience within Brooklyn’s broad underground music circuit through their abundant live performances. With the release of Known Flood, we get about a 45 minute

Metal Review – Heretoir – Heretoir (2011)

Heretoir is a young German depressive / post-black metal project that has already created quite a stir in the underground with just an EP, so at the prospect of a full-length release, we were already looking for something special. Let me be the first to say that this release is everything that we have been