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Metal Review: Black Sabbath | 13 (2013)

  Admit it. There is not a single metal fan that was not awaiting this one with bated breath. Many can argue that true metal began with Black Sabbath, and I am of that thought process too. Bands like Led Zeppelin and individuals like Jimi Hendrix paved the way in a lot of ways, but 

Black Sabbath Town Hall Event to be Streamed Live

Heavy metal legends Black Sabbath will mark the release of their new album “13” with a special live event the day of the album’s release in the U.S. (June 11, 2013). Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler will participate in the Black Sabbath Town Hall via Google+ Hangout streamed live on YouTube and Google+

Black Sabbath’s 13 Streaming on iTunes

Black Sabbath have made their new album, “13,” available for streaming via iTunes. Open up iTunes, go to the iTunes store, and click on the big Black Sabbath banner. Produced by Rick Rubin, “13” is the first Sabbath album since 1978’s “Never Say Die” 35 years ago to feature original singer Ozzy Osbourne. He is

Black Sabbath Confirm European Tour

  Black Sabbath have confirmed six UK shows in December as part of their European tour in support of new album “13.” They’ll appear in London, Belfast, Sheffield, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham at the end of the year, following the release of their first record with Ozzy Osbourne since 1978. Black Sabbath Tour Dates: Nov

Lordi to Release New Album ‘To Beast or Not to Beast’

Finnish hard rock band Lordi have announced that they will be releasing a new album entitled “To Beast or Not to Beast” on March 19, 2013 via The End Records. The album was recorded at WireWorld Studio in Nashville, TN with producer Michael Wagner (Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Skid Row, Megadeth). This album will be the

FearShop.com Metal Podcast – Episode 67 – All About the Boots

Frank and Mike are back and this time around, we are about the boots. We talk about our bootleg collections and favorite bootleg performances. Of course, that means a lot of classic metal including Metallica, Ozzy, Dio, Slayer, Cinderella and Soulfly. Please upgrade your browser

Dream Concert Setlist: Ozzy Osbourne

As with the previous dream concert setlist for Dio, we are only focusing on Ozzy Osbourne’s solo career – not Black Sabbath. The rules are simple – 15 songs and 3 encores. Below the setlist, I will offer some explanation as to why I picked certain songs and why they were placed where they were.

Black Sabbath 2012 – O2 Academy Birmingham (Reunion Warm Up Gig) – Full Audio Show

-= Setlist =- 01) Intro 02) Into the Void 03) Under the Sun 04) Snowblind 05) War Pigs 06) Wheels of Confusion 07) Electric Funeral 08) Black Sabbath 09) The Wizard 10) Behind the Wall of Sleep 11) NIB 12) Fairies Wear Boots 13) Tomorrow’s Dream 14) Sweet Leaf 15) Symptom of the Universe /