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Song of the Week: Jacobs Dream: Sarah Williams

Jacobs Dream: Theater of War

Columbus, Ohio power metal band Jacobs Dream began their career as Iron Angel in 1994, but switched their name to Jacobs Dream in 1996 because of another band by the same name. They also released a demo album containing 7 songs, one of which was a ballad entitled Sarah Williams, which ended up not making

Metal Review: Locusta: Dendromorphosis EP (2014)

Locusta Dendromorphosis

Hailing from the lower depths of Columbus, Ohio (kidding), Locusta first came together in 2006 and have since released one full-length album, two splits and are ready to unleash their second EP, “Dendromophosis,” an anger-filled collection of a fiery feast of death metal. With only 4 songs on this EP, this is only a small

Metal Review: Skeletonwitch: Serpents Unleashed (2013)

Skeletonwitch Serpents Unleashed

Since Halloween of an odd numbered year has passed us, we should have seen this one coming – a new release from Ohio blackened thrash metal outfit Skeletonwitch. Through their decade of existence, one thing has remained constant and that it their penchant for releasing albums at the end of October every 24 months. This

Necrophagia Streaming New Song Warlock Messiah

Ohio death metal band Necrophagia has been posting a series of new songs online, and now a new rough demo track is available for Warlock Messiah. Check it below. It is described as a “VERY ROUGH demo of a new Necrophagia song.” Please upgrade your browser