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Metal Review: Coal Chamber: Rivals (2015)

Coal Chamber: Rivals

I am not sure what is more surprising; that Coal Chamber is back or that I am actually reviewing their album. By reviewing an album, I am making a statement that the album has some validity and worth. If I do not like an album, I simply ignore it and do not even give it

Metal Review – Reign of Vengeance – Disemboweling Swine (2011)

I have been torn on Reign of Vengeance’s full length debut, Disemboweling Swine, for a little while now. I am not sure whether I like it or hate it. My feelings are moved a little each way when I listen to it. I do lean more towards the side of liking it though – how

Metal Review – Icon In Me – Head Break Solution (2011)

Head Break Solution is the third release from Icon In Me and it is no less relenting than anything that has previously been recorded by them. In the metalcore / nu metal genre of metal, you can pretty much expect what you are getting from them. I have also seen them labeled as modern metal,