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Metal Review – Mortualia – Mortualia (2011)

Mortualia’s self-titled debut was released in 2007 and soon became heralded by diehards as some of the most desolate, soul-draining black metal to be committed to tape in recent years. Moribund records has unearthened this album with an exclusive bonus track and will be firthcoming later this year. For me, Mortualia’s self-titled release was just

Metal Review – Hrizg – Anthems To Decrepitude (2011)

Looks like Moribund has done it again with Hrizg. They seem to keep piling up these great releases. Hrizg is a Spanish black metal solo project and is a prime example of an underground black metal that just nails it. With that raw, unique black metal tone, Anthems To Decrepitude is a release that will