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Metal Review: Hiems – Cold Void Journey (The Forsaken Crimes) (2015)

Hiems - Cold Void Journey (The Forsaken Crimes)

Moribund Records has reissued Hiems’ cult-classic debut album, Cold Void Journey, now titularly expanded to Cold Void Journey (The Forsaken Crimes). The reissue will hit shelves on November 20, 2015 and is something that fans have been asking for. In the ten years since its initial release, much has changed about metal, but not the

Metal Review: Dodsferd – Wastes of Life (2015)

Dodsferd - Wastes of Life

Greek depressive black metal band, once a one-man project from Wrath until 2009, has been around for nearly 15 years and has been quite busy over the years. The band has released 8 full-length releases and a slew of splits and EPs. With only a year since their latest release, the band comes at us

Metal Review: Hrizg: Individualism (2014)

Hrizg Individualism

One-man black metal band Hrizg is back with the aptly-titled “Individualism.” Erun-Dagoth definitely has his opinions and puts them on display on this album, which is a varied collection of 11 tracks spanning many styles of metal, but heavily drawing upon black metal influences. The album opens with an ambient look into the author with

Metal Review: Dodsferd: The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race (2014)

Dodsferd The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race

Moribund Records has set March 18, 2014 as the release date for Dodsferd’s ninth album, “The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race.” The album was released in Europe on December 16, 2013. Dodsferd mainman Wrath is a passionate character to say the least and his passion is evident on every release. Their latest release is

Metal Review: Vardan: The Wood is My Coffin (2014)

Vardan The Wood is My Coffin

With the Internet being so easily accessible and useful for musicians, solo projects are becoming much more the norm these days, especially within the black metal landscape. While this leads us to more failed attempts than successful ones, there are still a few very interesting projects out there that excite me in the black metal