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Metal Review: Unisonic: Light of Dawn (2014)

Unisonic: Light of Dawn

Germany’s Unisonic is a supergroup that we have talked about on WickedChannel.com before. This band contains two exceptional talents in the power metal world, both of ex-Helloween fame actually. These unique talents are Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen. Kiske’s voice is simply something to behold. From his old Helloween days, the music was just special,

Metal Review: Place Vendome: Thunder in the Distance (2013)

Place Vendome Thunder in the Distance

Michael Kiske has one of the most powerful voices in music and especially in the metal genre. The once-vocalist of Helloween publicly stated that he had lost the desire for rock and metal once upon a time. After a decade away from the scene, and to much disgustment from metal fans, Kiske made an attempt

Avantasia Video Online For Sleepwalking

Symphonic metal band Avantasia have released a video for Sleepwalking off of their upcoming album “The Mystery of Time,” which is due out on March 29, 2013 in Europe and April 30, 2013 in North America via Nuclear Blast. The video was produced by Oliver Sommer/AVA company, shot in a forest in Germany and the

Metal Review: Helloween – Straight Out of Hell (2013)

German power metal legends Helloween are back with their fourteenth original studio album, Straight Out of Hell. After a series of uneventful releases for Helloween, 2010 marked a somewhat return to form for the band with 7 Sinners. I was not a huge fan of that one, but it had its moments. Keep in mind

Metal Review: Gamma Ray – Skeletons & Majesties: Live (2012)

Full disclosure – I am hit or miss on power metal. I have said it ad nauseum on here. Not trying to be a hater on the genre, but I have to really be in the mood to get into it. A lot of bands go way too far in their approach to the genre.