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Metal Review: Dethrone: Incinerate All (2016)

Dethrone - Incinerate All

Unfortunately, there are far too many cookie cutter bands out there that have plenty of talent, but no originality. They tend to all be playing the same style of extreme metal these days. There are also those few bands that do a lot of what others are doing, but do it extremely well and have

Metal Review: The Heretic Order – All Hail the Order (2015)

The Heretic Order - All Hail the Order

The Heretic Order is a London, England classic metal band inspired by the likes of metal beasts like Mercyful Fate, Angel Witch and Black Sabbath. Their debut album, All Hail the Order is released via Massacre Records. The band has been causing quite the stir recently because of their throwback style of metal. The album

Metal Review: Eisregen – Marschmusik (2015)

Eisregen - Marschmusik

German dark/death metal veterans Eisregen, formed in 1995, have had a lot of output over their 20 years career. As their namesake translates to “freezing rain,” you would expect that the band knows how to create a very atmospheric sound and Marschmusik is yet another example of just how atmospheric the band can sound. The

Metal Review: Maverick: Quid Pro Quo (2014)

Maverick: Quid Pro Quo

Holy time capsules Batman. This feels like a time warp into the 1980s back to a time where I was a wee young lad loving life without a care in the world except where I was getting my next musical fix. Belfast, Ireland is home to the rock band Maverick, who made quite a name

Metal Review: Unherz: Sturm Und Drang (2014)

Unherz: Sturm Und Drang

Germany’s Unherz is back with their fourth album since their inception in 2010 and first since 2012. “Sturm Und Drang” is another nice album from the crew. My German is a little rusty, and by rusty I mean that I do not know it at all, which makes understanding the lyrics impossible, but the band

Metal Review: Lonewolf: Cult of Steel (2014)

Lonewolf: Cult of Steel

French classic metal veterans Lonewolf have been around for more than twenty years and there is something to be said for consistency. As with most classic metal bands, it is hard to hate on their music because it is the basics of metal. It is hard to go wrong given that you have a solid

Metal Review: Crystal Eyes: Killer (2014)

Crystal Eyes: Killer

Sweden’s Crystal Eyes are back at it again with the release of “Killer” via Massacre Records marking their seventh album since 1999. The band has been around the block a few times without ever garnering much attention. Being from Borås, the same town as bands such as Lake of Tears, Beseech and Cemetary, should have

Metal Review: Illdisposed: With the Lost Souls on Our Side (2014)

Illdisposed: With the Lost Souls on Our Side

Denmark’s death metal troupe Illdisposed is back with 12th studio album, “With the Lost Souls on Our Side,” since their inception in 1991. The album opens with Going Down, which contains one of the more sticky riffs that I have heard in a long time. This one will stick in your head for days. If

Metal Review: Hatriot: Dawn of the New Centurion (2014)

Hatriot Dawn of the New Centurion

San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal juggernaut Hatriot, featuring former Exodus and Legacy (pre-Testament) frontman Steve “Zetro” Souza, is back with their sophomore effort, “Dawn of the New Centurion.” With its recent release date of February 21, 2014, after an initial delay, through Massacre Records, was one of my most highly anticipated album releases of

Hatriot Streaming New Song The Fear Within


One of my most eagerly awaited albums of 2014 is Hatriot’s “Dawn of the New Centurion,” which is being released February 21, 2014 via Massacre Records. Hatriot, of course, features ex-Exodus vocalist Steve “Zetro” Souza. The new track, The Fear Within, is streaming online. Check it out below. Dawn of the New Centurion Track Listing: