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The Walking Dead: Episode 4.06: Live Bait Review

The Walking Dead Episode 4.06 Live Bait

The Governor is back as we say at the end of the last episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” We knew that he would return at some point because of his overwhelming popularity during his first round on the show. My feeling was that his return was a little too soon, but since the time

Next on The Walking Dead: Images From Episode 4.06: Live Bait

The Walking Dead Live Bait

Next On AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Episode 4.06, Live Bait, “Group members struggle to find their humanity while being constantly threatened.” Check out the official promo as well as a sneak peak of the episode. Michael Uppendahl directs episode 6, airing Sunday, November 17, 2013, from a screenplay by Nichole Beattie. Please upgrade your browser