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Metal Review: Fornicus: Storming Heaven (2014)

Fornicus: Storming Heaven

Kentucky’s black metal horde (doesn’t that just sound weird?) Fornicus is set to release their debut full-length effort, “Storming Heaven,” which is a 9 song tornado ready to tear heaven down. Fornicus’s modern approach to black metal goes to the extreme both lyrically and musically without even an apology to the listener. The album is

Metal Review: Anagnorisis | Beyond All Light (2013)

Louisville, Kentucky is not exactly the hub of all things black metal, but Louisville-based black metal band Anagnorisis is proving that they are a force to be reckoned with in the black metal conversation. With their first effort since their 2007 debut, “Overton Trees,” Anagnorisis comes back with their sophomore effort “Beyond All Light,” a