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Takashi Miike’s Over Your Dead Body Picked Up By Shout! Factory

Takashi Miike Over Your Dead Body

Takashi Miike’s latest film, “Over Your Dead Body,” has been acquired by Shout! Factory for distribution. The deal covers all digital, home entertainment, broadcast and theatrical for cross-platform releases in the U.S. and Canada. Takashi Miike makes his way back to the horror genre focusing on one of Japan’s most famous ghost stories, Yotsuya Kaidan.

Sigh Working on New Album

Japanese avantgarde black metal band Sigh have just announced that they are currently working on their tenth full-length studio album. The successor to “In Somniphobia,” which was released back in March, 2012, will be entitled “Graveward.” The band hopes that the album recordings will start sometime in the middle of 2014. Statement from the band:

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio: Has it Really Been 2 Years?

Honestly, I cannot believe that yesterday marked 2 years since the passing of one of the greatest metal frontmen in history. Ronnie James Dio was simply an iconic figure and an amazing person in general. He has influenced scores of people in the metal world and he is sorely missed by all of his fans

Horror Trailer: Takashi Shimizu’s 7500

I was talking about this film on the last FearShop.com Horror Podcast. Check out Takashi Shimizu’s 7500. J-horror hopes to regain altitude with The Grudge director Takashi Shimizu’s 7500, a new supernatural horror flick that looks downright frightening. This morning the first trailer premiered and it’s nothing short of spectacular. Dig on it below! In