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Metal Review: Illdisposed: With the Lost Souls on Our Side (2014)

Illdisposed: With the Lost Souls on Our Side

Denmark’s death metal troupe Illdisposed is back with 12th studio album, “With the Lost Souls on Our Side,” since their inception in 1991. The album opens with Going Down, which contains one of the more sticky riffs that I have heard in a long time. This one will stick in your head for days. If

Metal Review: Panzerchrist | The 7th Offensive (2013)

Danish death metal band Panzerchrist are releasing their seventh album, aptly entitled “The 7th Offensive” on July 15, 2013 on Listenable Records following their previous and highly- acclaimed 2011 release, “Regiment Ragnarok.” Per the bands own words, “THE WAR IS OVER, LET’S START A NEW ONE , DEATH FOREVER PANZER!” With these words, you would

Illdisposed Releases Video For Eyes Popping Out

Illdisposed has released a video for Eyes Popping Out from last year’s Sense The Darkness from Massacre Records. The video was directed by the Mircea Gabriel Eftemie (Mnemic). Please upgrade your browser

Metal Review: Illdisposed – Sense the Darkness (2012)

Denmark-based Illdisposed is back with their latest effort Sense the Darkness, and they are back with a vengeance of gutteral demon screams and heavy-as-hell riffs. Gone are the symphonic elements that they experimented with and back is the straight through your heart death metal that we have always known them for. Sense the Darkness hits