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Metal Review: Solstafir: Otta (2014)

Solstafir: Otta

Icelandic post black metal outfit Sólstafir is back with their fifth full-length release in “Ótta.” While their are still slight remnants of their olden black metal days nearly 20 years ago, the band has shed their black metal skin and are still making high quality music under a different light. This light is still dark

Metal Review: Kontinuum – Earth Blood Magic (2012)

Iceland’s progressive post-black metal band Kontinuum unleashes their debut effort, Earth Blood Magic, to the masses. Risen from the ashes of the dark metal act Potentiam and experimental metal act Pornea, Kontinuum’s eclectic style is a breath of fresh air in a stale, dry environment in the post-black metal scene. While there are some great