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Metal Review: Hrizg: Individualism (2014)

Hrizg Individualism

One-man black metal band Hrizg is back with the aptly-titled “Individualism.” Erun-Dagoth definitely has his opinions and puts them on display on this album, which is a varied collection of 11 tracks spanning many styles of metal, but heavily drawing upon black metal influences. The album opens with an ambient look into the author with

Metal Review – Hrizg – Inferno (2011)

I barely got a chance to enjoy Hrizg’s previous release from this year, Anthems to Decrepitude, and they are already back with their new mini-album, Inferno. I cannot really complain though, since I enjoyed Anthems to Decrepitude quite a bit. Spanish black metal band Hrizg bring us their brand of black metal which stays true

Metal Review – Hrizg – Anthems To Decrepitude (2011)

Looks like Moribund has done it again with Hrizg. They seem to keep piling up these great releases. Hrizg is a Spanish black metal solo project and is a prime example of an underground black metal that just nails it. With that raw, unique black metal tone, Anthems To Decrepitude is a release that will