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Adam Green Annual Halloween Short Film: Halloween Hugs

Halloween Hugs

“Hatchet” director Adam Green and his ArieScope Pictures crew is back with their 15th annual Halloween short titled “Halloween Hugs“. I love these annual Halloween shorts from Adam Green. They are always a nice bloody mess and are always fun as hell.

Adam Green’s 14th Annual Halloween Short: Michael Myers Takes Driving Lessons

Happy October to all, and now that we are in October, it is time for Adam Green’s Annual Halloween Short. This year, Green found some deleted scenes from the original Halloween film where we finally find out how Michael Myers learned how to drive. Adam Green is best known for Hatchet I & II and

Judson Scott’s Hunters Trailer

Here is the new trailer for Judson Scott’s Hunters. “Machetes, meat hooks, axes, guns, knives, campers, cops, killers, and lots of blood. Kids in the woods being chased by a maniac that wants to hack them up – and does. Think ‘Inside’ meets ‘Hatchet.’” Please upgrade your browser

Victor Crowley Lives Again – Hatchet 3 Has Beeen Announced

Victor Crowley lives again in Hatchet 3. News just broke that Adam Green’s ’80s throwback horror saga will continue thanks to the success of Hatchet 2 on VOD and DVD. Here is the press release that was recently sent out: “The film, centered once again on the genre’s most fearsome new villain, Victor Crowley, will