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Video Interview: Chris Boltendahl of Grave Digger at Metal Fest 2014: Loreley, Germany

Grave Digger Return of the Reaper

Interview with Chris Boltendahl of German Metal Legends Grave Digger at Loreley, Germany. We talk about their Upcoming album, “Return of the Reaper” due out July the 11th, the upcoming tour and how Chris sounds like a Evil Yoda from Star Wars! Originally posted at http://skullbanger.net/2014/06/22/video-interview-chris-boltendahl-of-grave-digger-at-metal-fest-2014-loreley-germany/ Please upgrade your browser

Metal Review: Dust Bolt: Awake The Riot (2014)

Dust Bolt Awake the Riot

Germany’s Dust Bolt sophomore effort, “Awake the Riot,” is like taking a time machine back to the 80s when thrash was thriving and everyone wanted to emulate Metallica’a “Kill ‘em All.” Those were great times, but as all of these eras always do, its time came and went leaving behind a few bands that evolved

Kreator Announces Tour Dates With Arch Enemy, Vader and Sodom


This will be one of the best tours of the year with juggernauts Kreator being joined by Poland’s Vader, Sweden’s Arch Enemy and Germany’s Sodom. Kreator frontman Mille Petrozza comments: “A lot of our European fans voiced their discontent over the fact that the band hardly does European club tours – apart from our festival

Metal Review: Schwarzer Engel: Psycho-Path DJ-single (2013)

Schwarzer Engel In Brennenden Himmeln

German goth metal band Schwarzer Engel recently offered something very special for all gothic and metal DJs as well as for their fans with the free download of their Psycho-Path DJ-single. The song has been taken from the band’s recent album “In Brennenden Himmeln,” which is simply an ass-kicker. I will be the first one

Metal Review: Endstille: Kapitulation 2013 (2013)

Endstille Kapitulation 2013

Germany’s black metal legion, Endstille, is back at it again with their latest full-length effort, “Kapitulation 2013,” out on Season of Mist. With 7 albums under their belt already, and their 13 year run, Endstille is showing no sign of letting up. The album opens with the furious Aborted and offers no apology and they

Metal Review: Mystic Prophecy: Killhammer (2013)

Mystic Prophecy Killhammer

Germany’s power metal outfit Mystic Prophecy has released their eighth full-length release, “Killhammer.” When they release an album, you can be certain that it will have plenty of thrash metal riffs splattered within. After all, Germany knows a little something about thrash. I will first get my nitpicking out of the way. Mystic Prophecy has

Metal Review: Darkmoon Warrior: Nuke ‘Em All (2013)

Darkmoon Warrior Nuke Em All

Eberswalde, Brandenburg, Germany’s Darkmoon Warrior is back with their style of punk infused black metal on “Nuke ‘Em All,” and if you have heard the band in the past, you will recognize that they are pretty unique in their approach. Formed in 1996, the band, fronted by A. Krieg, is all about the darkness and

Leaves’ Eyes Announce Tour Dates

Leaves Eyes

German symphonic metal band Leaves’ Eyes have announced a string of tour dates in support of the band’s upcoming new release “Symphonies of the Night.” The album is expected for release later this year via Napalm Records. The following dates with Atrocity (featuring Leaves’ Eyes members Thorsten Bauer (guitars), spouse of Liv Kristine Alexander Krull

Metal Review: Paria: Surrealist Satanist (2013)

Germany’s black metal outfit Paria latest effort “Surrealist Satanist,” is an album that I can get behind. The band, who’s history has been shrouded in secracy, goes all the way back to 1995 although their debut full-length did not get released until 2008. Since 2008, they have had another full length release with “Unchain the

Metal Review: Agathodaimon – In Darkness (2013)

Mainz, Germany’s black/dark metal act Agathodaimon may be a new name to some, but they formed eight years ago by Sathonys (Guitar) and Matthias Rodig (Drums). “In Darkness” is the band’s sixth full-length release and it displays many of the same elements that their previous releases have displayed. The album begins with the title track,