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Song of the Week: Pantera: 5 Minutes Alone

Pantera: Far Beyond Driven

“5 Minutes Alone” is a track by the Texas groove metal legends and metal pioneers Pantera taken from the 1994 album Far Beyond Driven. The song was released as downloadable content for Rock Revolution and Rock Band 3 and can be heard during a cut-scene in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Bearing one of

Pantera Far Beyond Driven 20th Anniversary Edition Details Revealed

Pantera: Far Beyond Driven

It is hard to believe that Pantera’s iconic, chart-topping album “Far Beyond Driven” turns 20 this year. It seems like it was just released. Times flies way too fast. To mark this momentous release, a 20th Anniversary edition will be available soon. The album made history for the band by debuting at number one in