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Metal Review – Burzum – Fallen (2011)

Speak the name Burzum and you are hit with many alternate views of the band. First and foremost Burzum is shrouded in a great controversy due to Varg Vikernes’ past. This review will concentrate moreso on Burzum’s future than Vikernes’ past. While I would never condone the actions of the man himself, I do believe

Burzum – Fallen (2011) – Samples Posted Online

Audio samples have made their way online from the forthcoming full length album from black metal icon Burzum. The new album, titled “Fallen,” is set for release on March 7, 2011 through Byelobog Productions. Samples from the upcoming Burzum album. As some of you may know from a while ago, the new Burzum album will