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Metal Review: Rotting Christ – Rituals (2016)

Rotting Christ - Rituals

Greek extreme metal tyrants Rotting Christ are back with their latest effort, Rituals, a collection of ten tracks with pretty bug shoes to fill since it is the follow-up to the band’s strongest effort to date. I have repeatedly praised the band’s previous effort, Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy, because of its intense progression throughout the

Rotting Christ Streaming Entire New Album Rituals

Rotting Christ - Rituals

Greek extreme metal band Rotting Christ are now streaming their entire new album, Rituals, before its official release. Check it out below. Please upgrade your browser

Rotting Christ Premiere New Track In Nomine Dei Nostri

Rotting Christ - Rituals

Extreme metal horde Rotting Christ has premiered a new track, “In Nomine Dei Nostri,” from their upcoming album, Rituals due out February 12, 2016. This is the opening track from the Greek band’s album and features contributions from Necromantia’s Magus Wampyr Daoloth. Please upgrade your browser

Metal Review: Abigail Williams – The Accuser (2015)

Abigail Williams - The Accuser

Extreme metal act Abigail Williams is back with their fourth full-length release, The Accuser, a collection of 8 tracks meant to pound the listener into submission. The album also offers some serious musical guest appearances from Charlie Fell (Lord Mantis, Nachtmystium, Cobalt), Will Lindsay (Wolves In The Throne Room, Nachtmystium, Indian), Jeff Wilson (Wolvhammer, ex

Kataklysm Releases The World is a Dying Insect Music Video

Kataklysm: Of Ghosts and Gods

Kataklysm’s latest offering, Of Ghosts and Gods, is a crushing, brutal experience that everyone should check out. If you have not, you can see a music video for the track “The World is a Dying Insect” below. Kataklysm mastermind Maurizio comments: “’The World Is A Dying Insect’ is the parallel between what we call parasites

Metal Review: Eschaton: Sentinel Apocalypse (2015)

Eschaton: Sentinel Apocalypse

Founded in 2007 in Providence, Rhode Island, technical death metal camp Eschaton has unleashed their furious opus of technical prowess in their debut album Sentinel Apocalypse. This collection of 11 jaw-dropping tracks consisting of maddening signature changes and earth shattering drum lines mixed with killer guitar leads and riffs. Eschaton, who shares their name with

Triptykon Streaming Video For Aurorae

Triptykon: Melana Chasmata

Swiss extreme metal horde Triptykon are streaming a new video for Aurorae taken from their latest album, “Melana Chasmata” (read the Melana Chasmata review). The video was directed by Philipp Hirsch (who previously collaborated with Triptykon for the group’s acclaimed Shatter video clip), and filmed in Leipzig, Germany, earlier this year. As it was the

Sigh Streaming New Song Out of the Grave


Sigh is streaming entitled Out of the Grave, which you can listen to below. Candlelight Records has released a brand new compilation featuring a host of exclusive demos and live versions, which features a demo version of Sigh’s new song Out of the Grave. Please upgrade your browser

1349 Streaming New Song Slaves


1349 is streaming Slaves, which comes from their upcoming album, which is being released in the fall of 2014 via Season of Mist in North America and Indie Recordings everywhere else. Please upgrade your browser

Behemoth Release Lyric Video For New Song: Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer

Behemoth: The Satanist

Behemoth has posted a new track from their forthcoming album “The Satanist.” The track is entitled Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer. Check out the lyric video that includes artwork and text from inside the digipak booklet. Please upgrade your browser