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Metal Review: Meshuggah – Koloss (2012)

I am pretty much hit or miss with Meshuggah. I like a lot of what they do, but at the same time am not a fan for some of the things that they do. They always just seemed like they wanted to be a poor man’s Pantera from everything to the vocals to the riffing

Metal Review – Voyager – The Meaning of I (2011)

Hailing from Western Australia comes progressive metal act Voyager with their brand of experimental metal. Once you listen to their fourth full-length release, The Meaning of I, you will either love it or hate it. I am not sure if there is an in between with this one. For me, I land on the side

Metal Review – Einvera – In Your Image (2011)

Los Angeles-based metal trio Einvera is an experimental band that has a lot to offer with the unique blend of music. With their debut release, In Your Image, they show elements of progressive metal with experimental metal and even range out to some death metal tendencies as well, a lot of times within the same