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Metal Review – Ereb Altor – Nattramn (2015)

Ereb Altor - Nattramn

Pagan/black/doom metal act Ereb Altor is a band that I have a ton of respect for. Simply stated, they kick ass. Formed in 2003 from the ashes of doom metal band Forlorn, who have since changed their name to Isole, the band’s sound has been all over the place from their viking metal roots to

Ereb Altor Release Video For Bathory Cover Twilight of the Gods

Ereb Altor - Blot Ilt Taut

I have been a fan of Sweden’s Ereb Altor (read the Ereb Altor – Gastrike review) since their debut album and they have also been very open about their love for Bathory’s work. As such, the band is releasing Blot Ilt Taut, a Bathory tribute album on February 26, 2016 via Cyclone Empire. Check out

Ereb Altor Streaming Fire Meets Ice Acoustic Version

Ereb Altor

Ereb Altor has released an acoustic version of the track Fire Meets Ice, the title track off of the band’s latest full-length album. The acoustic version is include as a b-side on the 7″ vinyl The Lake of Blood. You know that I am a huge Ereb Altor fan, so I am very happy to

MÃ¥negarm Releases Video For Sons of War

MÃ¥negarm Legions of the North

MÃ¥negarm has premiered a video for the track Sons of War, taken from their latest album, “Legions of the North.” The band will be touring in Europe next year with Borknagar, Ereb Altor and Shade Empire. Please upgrade your browser

Borknagar, Ereb Altor and Manegarm Touring Together For the Niflheim Festival

Borknagar Ereb Altor Manegarm Tour Dates

What an amazing lineup for the Niflheim Festival tour in 2014. Borknagar, Ereb Altor, Manegarm and Shade Empire are touring together. Jens F. Ryland (Borknagar) comments: “This is very exciting, verging on surreal. I have always wanted to play more live with the guys and after 15 years we are finally doing something that doesn’t

Ereb Altor Lyric Video For Nifelheim Streaming Online

Sweden’s Ereb Altor have released a lyric video as a taste of their new album “Fire Meets Ice.” The doom/black metal group recently finished the recordings for the fourth studio album, which was recorded and mixed at Studio Apocalypse by Jonas Lindström in the spring of 2013. The lyric video for the new song Nifelheim

Metal Review: Ereb Altor – Gastrike

Swedish band Ereb Altor was an offshoot band created from the doom metal band Isole, which was supposed to be done after their previous release The End. From a two-piece band to now being a three-piece band, Ereb Altor sounds like a completely different band. Gone are the traits of their previous pagan/doom/viking metal sound