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Metal Review: Huntress – Static (2015)

Huntress - Static

Highland Park, California metal band Huntress is back with their third album, Static. The dynamic band takes its lead from vocalist Jill Janus and tends to follow her highs and lows. From recovering from cancer surgery as well as her early diagnosis of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, there is no doubt that the ever interesting

FearShop.com Metal Podcast – Episode 68 – Interview With Eli Santana From Holy Grail

We are back and this time around, we are interview Eli Santana from Holy Grail. We talk about their new album, Ride the Void, their previous work and his influences. He is awesome as he opens up about everything. Holy Grail fans will not want to miss this. After the interview, we also play two

Metal Review: Holy Grail – Ride the Void (2013)

The sophomore jinx is something that has befallen many a good band. Some bands (Skid Row comes to mind) hit the ball out of the park while other bands never capture the same magic that their debut did. They say that you have a lifetime to write your debut album, but there is never really