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Metal Review: Megaton Leviathan: Past 21: Beyond the Arctic Cell (2014)

Megaton Leviathan: Past 21: Beyond the Arctic Cell

It appears as if there is this ever growing new sub-genre of metal entitled drone that we have to be aware of because there are a multitude of bands utilizing this type of music. What started off as a method used sparingly with Opeth and then more extensively with bands such as Agalloch and Alcest,

Metal Review – Sarabante – Remnants (2011)

Hailing from Athens, Greece, Sarabante brings us their take on the hardcore genre of metal which is a cleaner sound than most bands of this ilk, but still have some sludge similarities as well. There is even some drone metal tendencies here, which is something that Southern Lord has done a lot of in the

Metal Review – ISOLATION – Closing the Circle (2011)

Five years after ISOLATION released their first demo, Striding on the Path of Nihil, Eisenwald Tonschmiede finally presents their debut album titled Closing the Circle. ISOLATION is an atmospheric rock/metal band with the majority of their vocals sung cleanly with occasional harsh vocals. Vocally, and musically, Closing the Circle is a solid release by ISOLATION

Metal Review – ECHTRA – Paragate (2011)

Based out of Oregon, ECHTRA is a one-man atmospheric blackened drone project and Paragate is its second release. With the release of this year’s Paragate, you really get to delve into the soul of a musician who plays from their heart and soul and tells a story. From the press release itself, it states that

Metal Review – Mortualia – Mortualia (2011)

Mortualia’s self-titled debut was released in 2007 and soon became heralded by diehards as some of the most desolate, soul-draining black metal to be committed to tape in recent years. Moribund records has unearthened this album with an exclusive bonus track and will be firthcoming later this year. For me, Mortualia’s self-titled release was just

Metal Review – Blackwolfgoat – Dronolith (2011)

Blackwolfgoat is the solo project from ex-Hackman/Milligram guitarist Darryl Shepard. He sets forth an ambient metal / drone metal type sound on both the debut release and the 2011 release, Dronolith. While Dronolith’s sound mimics a lot of what Dragonwizardsleeve did, it does add some progressiveness into the mix. I will warn you ahead of