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Metal Review: Megaton Leviathan: Past 21: Beyond the Arctic Cell (2014)

Megaton Leviathan: Past 21: Beyond the Arctic Cell

It appears as if there is this ever growing new sub-genre of metal entitled drone that we have to be aware of because there are a multitude of bands utilizing this type of music. What started off as a method used sparingly with Opeth and then more extensively with bands such as Agalloch and Alcest,

Metal Review: Velnias: Sovereign Nocturnal (2014)

Velnias: Sovereign Nocturnal

Eisenwald is kind enough to offer a re-release of Velnias’ debut black/doom/folk metal album, “Sovereign Nocturnal,” in a better form them it was originally released in. Containing only 3 tracks, but running over 40 minutes, “Sovereign Nocturnal” is an epic journey made by the band, and we now have a proper release of this album.

Metal Review: Vainaja: Kadotetut (2014)

Vainaja: Kadotetut

Finland’s Vainaja (Finnish for Deceased) has released their debut full-length release, “Kadotetut,” via Svart Records and it is a good one. Finland has been known to be a mecca of good music for some time now, but more recently, they are home to quite a few doom metal bands. We can now add Vainaja to

Metal Review: Mournful Congregation: Concrescence of the Sophia (2014)

Mournful Congregation Concrescence of the Sophia

Australia’s Mournful Congregation is back with a stop-gap 2-song, 30-minute EP, “Concrescence of the Sophia” bridging the gap between 2011’s “The Book of Kings” and their next full-length release. The title track, Concrescence of the Sophia, is an epic journey nearly 22 minutes, but could have just as easily been split into smaller chunks since

Metal Review: Pilgrim: II: Void Worship (2014)

Pilgrim II: Void Worship

Rhode Island is not exactly a place known for its metal output, but that does not stop doom metal band Pilgrim. After their well-received debut with 2012’s “Misery Wizard,” there have been plenty of people eagerly awaiting what the band would do next. We now know with their release of “II: Void Worship” through Metal

Metal Review: Decembre Noir: A Discouraged Believer (2014)

Decembre Noir A Discouraged Believer

With a sound reminiscent of Bloodbath, early Katatonia and a few other bands, Decembre Noir brings us their debut release, “A Discouraged Believer.” While many would say that the album is formulaic and derivative of other bands in the genre, I applaud the band for what they did lay down on the album. For every

Metal Review: Conan: Blood Eagle (2014)

Conan Blood Eagle

Liverpool, England’s Conan are back with their sophomore effort, “Blood Eagle,” their follow-up to 2012’s “Monnos.” As you would expect from a band like Conan, their sophomore release is a heavy, doom-laden collection of songs that pull no punches. The grimy, sludgy sound gets no cleaner as the album pushes on and that is what

Metal Review: Landskap: I (2014)

Landskap I

London, England’s Landskap is a band that has only been around for two years, but the members themselves are veterans to the genre hailing from bands such as Fen, Pantheist, Centurions Ghost and more. The band plays a style of doom metal/psychedelic rock that works very well on their debut effort, “I.” The album only

Grand Magus Streaming New Song Triumph and Power

Grand Magus

Sweden’s Grand Magus has unveiled the title track off of their upcoming release, “Triumph and Power,” being released on January 31, 2014 (Europe), February 3, 2014 (UK) and February 4, 2014 (US) via Nuclear Blast Records. Please upgrade your browser

Moonspell Announce North American Tour Dates

Moonspell North American Tour Dates

Portuguese melodic death metal giants Moonspell have announced their return the U.S and Canada starting in January. The band will be headlining the America Noir Tour with support provided by Napalm Records label-mates Leaves’ Eyes and Atrocity. Moonspell American Tour Dates: January 31 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room February 3 – Ft Worth,