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Metal Review: Myrkur: Myrkur (2014)

Myrkur: Myrkur

Relapse Records has their hands on Denmark’s one-woman black metal band Myrkur. Her debut EP release shares the same name and is a collection of seven brief tracks of sonic madness that will turn on many fans. Shrouded in secrecy, I wonder how long that will last since a major player has now released this

Metal Review: Illdisposed: With the Lost Souls on Our Side (2014)

Illdisposed: With the Lost Souls on Our Side

Denmark’s death metal troupe Illdisposed is back with 12th studio album, “With the Lost Souls on Our Side,” since their inception in 1991. The album opens with Going Down, which contains one of the more sticky riffs that I have heard in a long time. This one will stick in your head for days. If

Metal Review: Pet the Preacher: The Cave & the Sunlight (2014)

Pet the Preacher The Cave & the Sunlight

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Pet the Preacher is ready to become a household name with their Napalm Records release of “The Cave & the Sunlight.” Think of early Kyuss mixed with the good COC (with Pepper Keenan) and you have the sound that Pet the Preacher brings forwards. It is a groove heavy stoner rock

Metal Review: Cerekloth – In The Midst of Life We Are in Death (2013)

Danish band Cerekloth’s upcoming release, “In The Midst of Life We Are in Death,” will hit shelves on April 16, 2013, so be ready. Formed in 2008 in Denmark, Cerekloth have two short releases behind them – 2008’s “Pandemonium Prayers” and 2011’s “Halo of Syringes,” both released on 7″ vinyl by Hells Headbangers. “In The

Metal Review: Corpus Mortale – FleshCraft (2013)

Corpus Mortale is a Dutch death metal outfit who has been around for nearly 20 years and is releasing their fourth full-length release FleshCraft. Productionwise, FleshCraft is brilliant. Every instrument is leveled perfectly – even to the point of hearing each individual pick on the guitar strings. Musically, Corpus Mortale is about as brutal as

Metal Review: Illdisposed – Sense the Darkness (2012)

Denmark-based Illdisposed is back with their latest effort Sense the Darkness, and they are back with a vengeance of gutteral demon screams and heavy-as-hell riffs. Gone are the symphonic elements that they experimented with and back is the straight through your heart death metal that we have always known them for. Sense the Darkness hits

Metal Review: Nuclear Death Terror – Chaos Reigns (2012)

Hailing from Denmark’s capital city of Copenhagen, death/crust metal band Nuclear Death Terror brings us their most recent work, Chaos Reigns, where the bands hooks up with Southern Lord to bring us their compilation album of songs from several of their vinyl releases. Nuclear Death Terror mixes elements of crust punk bands Amebix and Discharge