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Metal Review: Various Artists: A Light in the Black: A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio (2015)

A Light in the Black: A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio

Words cannot even begin to describe what the legend Ronnie James Dio meant to metal. From his time to Elf to Rainbow to Black Sabbath to Heaven and Hell to Dio, he was the anchor putting out quality music throughout his lengthy career. The man practically invented the horns and he lived and breathed metal.

Song of the Week: Dio: The Last in Line

Dio: The Last in Line

Ronnie James Dio was the ultimate metal legend. From fronting bands such as Rainbow and Black Sabbath to his amazing solo career, he always put out quality material while dealing with a turnstile of musicians. His second solo album, “The Last in Line,” had many greats tracks, but none better than the title track. The

Def Leppard’s Vivian Campbell Diagnosed With Cancer

Def Leppard’s Vivian Campbell has confirmed that he is fighting cancer, but promises fans that he’s feeling “rather spiffy”. Vivian is two months into a six-month term of chemotherapy treatment and has made the decision to go public with the news so fans aren’t too shocked by his appearance when the band next head out

Steel Panther Cover Dio’s Rainbow in the Dark With Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard, ex-Dio)

Check out the video below of Steel Panther bringing out a very special guest in Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard, ex-Dio) on November 15, 2012 at London Hammersmith Apollo to do a rendition of the classic Dio track Rainbow in the Dark from Dio’s seminal debut album Holy Diver. We all know that Campbell and Dio