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Horror Review: Axe to Grind (2015)

Axe to Grind

B-movie legend, actress Debbie Wilkins, has just been replaced by a 23 yr old scream queen in her lovers bed. More importantly she’s been left out of her lovers new film. Debbie doesn’t take rejection well. Director: Matt Zettell Writers: J.P. Linde (additional material), Scott C. Sanford Stars: Debbie Rochon, Guy Torry, Matthew James Gulbranson

Scream Queen Profile: Debbie Rochon

Debbie Rochon (born November 3, 1968 in Vancouver, British Columbia) is a Canadian B-movie actress and former stage performer, best known for her work in Troma films. Rochon’s early life was fraught with tragedy and misfortune. After her parents were deemed unfit to raise her, she was remanded to foster care at the age of