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Metal Review: My Hollow: On Borrowed Time (2015)

My Hollow: On Borrowed Time

Sometimes labeled as progressive groove metal, sometimes as deathcore, but regardless of what we want to label them as, Toronto, Ontario’s own metal band My Hollow is back with the follow-up to 2012’s Cold Dark Days EP. Their new piece of work is entitled On Borrowed Time and comes at the listener like a ten

Metal Review: Those Who Bring the Torture: Piling Up (2014)

Those Who Bring the Torture: Piling Up

There is no doubt that Rogga Johansson likes to keep busy. Check out his profile below to see which bands he is currently in – yes, currently working with. This man does not believe in down time. That is a good thing for us as he is quite the talented musician. With 2014, comes the

Metal Review: Acrania: Totalitarian Dystopia (2014)

London, England’s Acrania is heavy. That is the easiest way to put it. To dig in deeper, they are highly formulaic at points and utterly insane at others. Their initial “The Beginning of the End” EP was a preview for the madness to ensure on their debut full-length effort, “Totalitarian Dystopia.” “Totalitarian Dystopia” is a

Metal Review: Deep in Hate: Chronicles of Oblivion (2014)

Deep in Hate Chronicles of Oblivion

French death metal powerhouse Deep in Hate is back with their aggressive style of death metal and their latest release, “Chronicles of Oblivion,” is a brutal onslaught of metal that will rattle your head. With this being their third album, the band is starting to become more mature in their songwriting as evidenced with the

Metal Review: I Killed Everyone | Necrospire (2013)

Formed in 2008, Chicago death metal / deathcore band I Killed Everyone is back to their old tricks with the release of “Necrospire.” While the album starts off sounding the same as the band’s previous work, it quickly shifts to something a little stronger. The band is also introducing new vocalist Tim O’Brien on “Necrospire.”

Whitechapel Announces More Summer European Tour Dates

U.S. deathcore band Whitechapel unveiled some of the new additional European tour dates. The band will be performing at several well-known festivals as well as in a couple of clubs. On selected club shows, the band will performing together with DevilDriver. Check out the complete list below with more dates to be announced soon. Whitechapel

Metal Review: The Acacia Strain – Death is the Only Mortal (2012)

Often hailed as one of the heaviest bands in existence, deathcore band The Acacia Strain is back with their sixth album Death is the Only Mortal. While I am not a fan of the genre nor the band, I have to give it a few listens. It was not like The Acacia Strain did not

Metal Review – Goregast – Desechos Humanos (2011)

Whether you want to call Goregast deathcore or deathgrind or straight up death metal, the third album from this German metal band, Desechos Humanos, simply rocks. I am by no means a fan of deathcore, but this album hit me like a ton of bricks and made me a fan of Goregast right away. I

Metal Review – All Shall Perish – This is Where it Ends (2011)

All Shall Perish is one of the few deathcore bands that I can get behind. Out of this over flooded genre, there are actually only a few that I can get into and most of them seem to be progressive deathcore bands. The genre is overdone and flooded with a lot of the same stuff