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Day 3 Ahhh…it’s almost over…Day 2 was really awesome and Day 3 was the lighter of the 3 with fewer bands but also had some of the heaviest hitters.  Also day 3 offered one of the biggest surprises of the festival for me with a little band called…Battle Beast. The first band I checked out

Metal Review: Deathchain: Ritual Death Metal (2013)

Finnish extreme metal act Deathchain is hitting us with their sixth full-length release, “Ritual Death Metal,” on April 5, 2013 through Svart Records. As per the norm with Deathchain, the use of the word “death” or “dead” has been included in the title. It has been three years since the release of “Death Gods,” and

2 Times Terror in Kuopio – Photos Provided by TJ Fowler of Fowler Photography

2 Times Terror collective is a Finnish band founded in 2006 by MC Raaka Pee from Turmion Kätilöt and Hc CSD. It was bred in a tiny living room as a lovechild of MC Raaka Pee and HC CSD in 2006. The collective is treating audiences with self explanatory dance-industrial music made by the shiniest