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Six Feet Under Streaming New Song Sacrificial Kill

Six Feet Under - Torment

Death metal juggernauts Six Feet Under are streaming the first track from their upcoming album, Torment, being released on February 24, 2017 via Metal Blade. The track is titled “Sacrificial Kill” and you can hear if for yourself below. Please upgrade your browser Frontman Chris Barnes notes that the album will contain a new track

Obituary Streaming Live Version of Vision in My Head

Obituary - Ten Thousand Ways to Die

Death metal legends Obituary are streaming a live version of “Vision in My Head” taken from their forthcoming release Ten Thousand Ways to Die. “Visions in My Head” comes off of the band’s recent album debut Inked in Blood. Ten Thousand Ways to Die is a special two-song single containing a pair of brand new

Obituary Announce New Release, Stream New Track

Obituary - 10000 Ways to Die

It has been a good day for death metal news. First, we hear about Vader’s new song and now another death metal veteran outfit, Obituary, are streaming a new track entitled “Loathe” taken from their upcoming two-song single 10,000 Ways to Die coming October 21, 2016 on CD/digital via Relapse Records. It contains a pair

Vader Unveil New Track and Lyric Video

Vader - Iron Times

Polish death metal horde Vader will be back in November with their upcoming album, The Empire, but until then, check out “Prayer to the God of War” from their latest EP, Iron Times. The band has unveiled a lyric video for the song. Please upgrade your browser Vader’s Piotr states: “11 days ago Vader has

Metal Review: Coffin Lust – Manifestation of Inner Darkness (2016)

Coffin Lust - Manifestation of Inner Darkness

Australian death metal tyrants Coffin Lust features J.R. and P.W. who hail from bands such as Nocturnal Graves, Denouncement Pyre, Destruktor, among others, so they are not newcomers to the genre. With Manifestation of Inner Darkness, the band shows that they mean business. As you would expect from the song titles, Coffin Lust’s deep dark

Metal Review: Barbarian (Italy) – Cult of the Empty Grave (2016)

Barbarian (Italy) - Cult of the Empty Grave

Italian death/extreme metal horde Barbarian is back with their third studio album in Cult of the Empty Grave and it kicks ass. The band takes a classic death metal sound mixing it with classic metal stylings into a nice mix. The album opens with “Bridgeburner,” which has an epic death metal feel to it with

Metal Review: Mangled – Involuntary Organ Donor (2016)

Mangled - Involuntary Organ Donor

Formed in 2011, Atlanta death metal horde Mangled are back with their latest EP, Involuntary Organ Donor, a collection of three brutal death metal tracks meant to slaughter the senses. Mangled plays a style of sludgy death metal with vocals that sound as if they came from Satan himself. The music sounds sloppy at times,

Metal Review: Dethrone: Incinerate All (2016)

Dethrone - Incinerate All

Unfortunately, there are far too many cookie cutter bands out there that have plenty of talent, but no originality. They tend to all be playing the same style of extreme metal these days. There are also those few bands that do a lot of what others are doing, but do it extremely well and have

Metal Review: Vader – Future of the Past II – Hell in the East (2015)

Vader - Future of the Past II - Hell in the East

Poland death metal horde Vader has never been a band to slow down whether it be their music’s tempo or their output. After just getting off of tour, they returned to the studio to follow up their twenty year old release Future of the Past, a collection of covers. Future of the Past II –

Metal Review: Insanity – Visions of Apocalypse (2015)

Insanity - Visions of Apocalypse

U.S. death metal veterans Insanity have released Visions of Apocalypse, their second full-length effort since their formation in 1985. The band had plenty of demos throughout the 80s and early 90s, but did not release their debut album until 1994’s Death After Death. After a few more demos and compilations, the band is back with