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FearShop.com Metal Podcast – Episode 59 – Unto the Killing

We review Metallica – Kill ’em All (1983), Machine Head – Unto the Locust (2011), Isole – Born from Shadows (2011), Cyco Miko – The Mad Mad Muir Musical Tour (2011) and Nile – Worship the Animal – 1994: The Lost Recordings (2011). We play songs from Warbringer, Goregast, Whitesnake, Satyricon, Carcass and more.  

Metal Review – Cyco Miko – The Mad Mad Muir Musical Tour (2011)

To me, Suicidal Tendencies was always a mixed bag. Always unexpected and always fun, but not something that I can constantly listen to. When I say that Mike Muir was coming out with a solo album, I was very excited and this album has not disappointed with what I was expecting. Production-wise, The Mad Mad