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Metal Review: Dodsferd: The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race (2014)

Dodsferd The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race

Moribund Records has set March 18, 2014 as the release date for Dodsferd’s ninth album, “The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race.” The album was released in Europe on December 16, 2013. Dodsferd mainman Wrath is a passionate character to say the least and his passion is evident on every release. Their latest release is

Metal Review: Hellbastard – Sons of Bitches EP (2012)

Here is a little glimpse back in time for you. UK’s thrash / crust metal / crust punk veterans Hellbastard has a new EP entitled Sons of Bitches. Hellbastard is one of the most influential bands in the thrash genre since their inception in 1984 and even defined the crust punk genre with their first