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Metal Review: Grocki | Chaos Theory (2013)

I used to be a huge fanboy of guitar shredders and instrumental albums. I still love me some shredding, but have soured on the instrumental albums simply because the albums started to become bland. Players focused more on speed than melody. Yngwie Malmsteen is an amazing guitar player that knows how to play ridiculously fast,

Freedoms Reign | Freedoms Reign (2013) Review

Freedoms Reign is a Portland, CT-based band led by Victor Arduini, original guitarist and founding member of Fates Warning. With the release of their sophomore effort, the self titled “Freedoms Reign,” they are back with more of a stoner/traditional metal sound with an extra bite. Arduini’s vocals are not astounding, but seem to fit perfectly

Nightbitch | Chainmaker (2013) Review

New Haven, Connecticut-based band Nightbitch have been around for four years delivering their style of psychedelic occult-themed metal. With the 2013 release of their “Chainmaker” EP, I am hoping that this band get to expand their fan-base because they truly deserve it. Of course, there are only three songs on “Chainmaker,” but each track is